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Introducing YODA – the first fully automated online marketing platform

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Who are we

We’re an ad efficiency and high quality search traffic generation company. We help our clients increase their web traffic, monetize it and generate extra revenue.

Our company is part of Cube Ventures, one of the leading internet groups in Europe. Based in Madrid and with offices in Germany, Mexico, Brazil and Italy and more than 280 employees focused on lead generation, services monetization, email marketing, media and investments.


Multiple traffic sources

Search engines, display networks, social media, RTB & mobile.



PC, tablet and mobile ad targeting.


Real-time optimization

Campaign fine-tuning using our custom in-house technology.



Easy & hassle-free set-up. Our business model adapts to your needs and KPIs.


Targeting capabilites

Geographic, device or demographic targeting capabilities, just to name a few.



Fully aligned with your policies, guidelines and common blacklisting controls.

Your benefits

Maximize ad reach and sales

Our proprietary technologies and workflow enable us to maximize ad reach while preserving your good profit level.
With additional ad reach, you'll be able to increase your brand visibility and acquire potential customers.

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Simplify your search marketing

Our tools can provide full campaign management on Google, Bing and similar search engines. No need to deal with manual campaign administration.
Avoid media cost risks: let us take over your strategy and benefit from our experience.

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Boost your shopping results

Leverage our data in order to attract new potential customers at the lowest cost. User acquisition costs decrease, revenues increase.

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First class team

Expect a high-level of experience and dedication from our results-driven team of experienced Account Managers, Analysts and IT Engineers.

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  • Connector.

    2.1 billion keywords

    Massive long-tail keyword database

  • Connector.

    10 million clicks per day

    Driving new customers to your site.

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    6.2 billion ad impressions per month

    Increasing your brand awareness.

  • Connector.

    62 nationalities

    Global & worldwide market reach

  • Connector.

    17 languages

    Hallo, Hola, Salut, Olá…

Our knowledge and capabilities, now available for SMEs

The first 100% fully automated solution that simplifies small businesses’ digital advertising

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We’re reachable via phone, e-mail & snail mail. We welcome visitors as well!

  • +34 915 358 066
  • General Ramírez de Madrid, 8 – 28020(Madrid, Spain)
  • JOT Internet Media



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